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Who we work with - ZEDEROSM - Business Consultancy - helps business owners grow their company through structured and effective management tools

Who we work with


If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, you may have to wear different hats and take on different roles. You might not have someone to rely and are unable to delegate. We know that this can get difficult. We will work with you to solve your business challenges and grow your company.


Family businesses can be tricky to handle as personal views can affect the business. Oftentimes, the first generation is not able to let go and the second generation is unable to take over with ease. Our consultants first fully understand every challenge, listen to all sides and then give structured management advise that will alleviate pertinent issues.


Corporate companies require talent that can not only match the organizational culture, but can also take the business to new heights. If you are looking for an objective assessment for new and existing employees, we can assist you. Our methodologies go beyond mere skill-based assessment – we measure the true personal and interpersonal attributes of a candidate.


We work with individuals who want to improve themselves and may not have the right tools to do so. After all, continuous improvement is an important facet of life. Whether you are looking at becoming a business owner, or simply an individual who wants to develop your personal and interpersonal skills – we are here to guide you.


The youth of today are always looking for ways to become better while trying to find their footing in life. We work with millennials who want to learn life skills that go beyond the classroom.


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Business Bay – Citadel Tower – 29th Floor – 2909, Dubai – UAE
+971 4 570 5860
+971 56 6934000

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Sunday – Thursday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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