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Sadek El-Assaad

Chief Executive Officer

Sadek is an acclaimed business mentor, change management pioneer and expert in organizational transformation. With over 28+ years of experience in Human Resources, he’s a master of helping CEOs, company managers and business owners grow their organizations effectively.

He was part of some of the biggest multinationals in the world. He played a huge role in setting up their strategic HR functions in the MENA. Through his powerful HRM insights and people management expertise, he successfully inculcated a culture of engagement, positivity, agility and innovation in these companies.

With his vast experience in GCC and Lebanon, he has taken the onus of developing and mentoring a myriad of entrepreneurs and managers. He first listens carefully to every challenge they face, and once he has thoroughly understood their woes, he creates and executes an action plan.


Talal El-Assaad

General Manager

Talal is a change management, general management and transformation specialist with over 20 years of experience in the MENA region. An expert in results-driven people management, he has played a crucial role in renowned multinational companies. During his tenure in these companies, he garnered an in-depth knowledge of Sales & Marketing in the region.

As OSM’s partner in the UAE, he brings forth years of professional experience to the table. He is an exemplary mentor to entrepreneurs, business owners and CEOs. Through his prowess in people analysis and assessment, he sets company managers and owners on the path to strategic success.

Talal has been an active supporter of various educational & empowerment foundations throughout his career and personal life.


Sujata Dutta

Senior Research Consultant

Sujata is our Senior Research and Management Consultant with 9+ years of experience in the field of HR and people management . Her passion is providing Recruitment and HR solutions to her clients through compliance and people. She has responsibly worked within the HR department with the Retail Industry Market leader back in her home country in India, as well as with renowned HR Management Consultants and Top Educational Institute in Oman & UAE.

Sujata holds an University Degree from India in Psychology and Philosophy and also a certified Human Resource Professional.

Her favourite time spent is with her family. She had taken out 4 years from her career to focus on her daughter who is now 10 year old . Apart from that she thoroughly enjoys reading, music and Interior designing for her friends and family. She also enjoys networking with other HR professionals where she can share her passion for HR .


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