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Company Analysis and Assessment

Sometimes, an outside perspective is exactly what you need to find the gaps in your business. Our certified consultants conduct detailed personal and business assessments with concrete tools that have a proven track record of success.

Our goal is to bring out the best in people. We never shy away from continuous improvement and encourage our clients to do the same.


The I-Profile Analysis maps out the strengths and weaknesses of a candidate’s personality. It is an effective Human Resources Management analysis service that can determine if potential recruits are suitable for your company.

The assessment is highly accurate as it is based on years of research and scientific evidence. The reliability index is incredibly high. Through the analysis, you can not only determine a person’s character, but can also gage the costs required to fix a person’s weaknesses. If the fixing cost is too high, it might be better to hire someone more suitable.

People can make or break a business. Investing in this tool will translate into long-term benefits for your company.

What we cover:

  • We allow people to fully realize their potential, point out what prevents them from achieving it and advise companies on how to encourage and motivate them.
  • We plot out detailed personal attributes for each individual that will allow them to reach their short-term and long-term professional goals. We also determine how suitable an individual is for a specific role.
  • We apply the 80/20 principle, wherein just by taking up 20% of effective actions, 80% of problems can be solved.

Development Program

Learning new ways to evolve should not be an option – but a conscious choice. We truly believe that a company is a mirror of its owner. Therefore, we work on the owners first to make the company better. We assist entrepreneurs and individuals alike, on how to learn important new skills for personal development.

These courses are not simply about imparting theoretical knowledge and lecturing you. Think of us as someone who walks beside you, listens to your needs and only then advises you. Furthermore, all our development programs are crafted from the best practices around the world. They are tailor made to the requirements of the individual.

Leadership Course

We all have the potential to be leaders in our own little way. What exactly is a leader? For us a leader is someone who can inspire others to take action. Having such a quality is essential for business owners.

The OSM Leadership Course aims to unleash the leader within you. We will start by creating a positive change in your perspective and effectiveness. We will then give you practical tools and exercises that will accelerate your entrepreneurial growth and leadership competences.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is much more than divulging information to an audience. It’s about making the audience feel how you feel and believe in what you believe. Through the OSM public speaking course, we aim to bring out your inner confidence, so that you can deliver any speech with confidence.

We will help you utilize all the tools are your disposal – technology, stage space, audience, verbal and non-verbal communication and more – to completely prepare yourself for public communication. We will also help you develop your personality in the process.


Sales Course

Gone are the days when people would buy a product simply because they were told about its features. In today’s market, it’s important to understand why you are selling something. Only once you know it yourself, will you be able to convince others.

OSM consultants will first listen to you and understand your business. With practical, hands-on techniques, we will help you dive deep into your product/service and the people you are selling it to. We will then devise an effective way to close your sales deals.

One to One

Mentoring and Coaching

Business Owners are subject to undue stress from several areas, especially when they are first starting out. Keeping this in mind, we conduct one to one sessions between coaches and business owners, mentoring them on areas of improvement.

Our coaches will advise business owners on how to successfully grow their company and solve pertinent issues, through practical, time-tested techniques that have worked in the past and will surely work in the future. We assure you that everything we discuss will stay between us. We hold confidentiality in high regard.

One to One
Business Consulting

Business Consulting

The certified business consultants at OSM will take your company up a notch by thoroughly understanding your challenges and providing practical solutions. We always give our clients effective ways to manage and grow their business. Our ultimate aim is to help our clients rest, while their business is growing

    • We first assess every aspect of your business processes and evaluate the scope for improvement.
    • Our consultants then move onto growth preparation in the form of personal and business plans, to develop a strategy that will help you achieve your goals.
    • We provide coaching and mentoring in various areas including and not limited to: Sales, marketing, Finance, HR & People Management, communication and Leadership Development.
Business Consulting
Mind Business School

Mind Business School

Studies have shown that that successful people work on developing themselves for at least 20 days per year. Embracing a culture of continuous learning is a requirement for all business owners, CEOs and company managers. Keeping this in mind, OSM started the Mind Business School (MBS).

MBS  is the first school for business owners and entrepreneurs, and CEOs and their teams.

Taught by entrepreneurs, to entrepreneurs, we don’t provide theory but help our students grow. Once they have made personal improvements, we help them enhance their business.

Only entrepreneurs can understand the challenges, emotions and dynamism of their peers. As such, we bring forth the practical experience, stories, tips and ideas of business owners to Mind Business School; hands-on learning at it’s finest.

No challenge is ever to big, and through MBS we hope to open your mind to a new world of possibilities, solutions and management techniques. Every entrepreneur follows their own journey – we simply give you the competences required to achieve your goals.

Every MBS student has their own personal learning environment or PLE chalked out at the start of the course – based on an I-Profile assessment that determines your strengths and weaknesses. The course will be held for 2 days every month, with continuous follow ups in between classes to check your progress.

Mind Business School

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