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February 16, 2019
February 16, 2019 Sherah Robles

Have you hired “Good Talents” just to find out later on that their performance is not as what you have expected? Hiring mistakes can be very costly and we’re not only talking about monetary value but also the time wasted, opportunity lost and the critical part is the inability to achieve goals within the set time frame.

In the video below, Steve Jobs explains how, by hiring the wrong person, he almost destroyed his own company.

That is why, the key is not only to concentrate on technical skills. Nowadays, the difference between a person who will help your company grow and a person who might destroy it, are the personal qualities such as interpersonal skills and the individual’s attitude.

I-Profile is an assessment tool that will help you determine if your candidate is the right fit for your company. It not only measures work related attributes, but also the personal ones which will help you know the real person behind and not just the picture that the candidate is trying to portray during the interview.

I-Profile measures 18 personal attributes like his interpersonal skills, his sense of organization, self-discipline  and the quality of his first contact with people. It doesn’t box people in cliché attributes such as introvert or extrovert. What it does is to see outright the real personality which will help you manage and provide the right support for them to succeed.

Profiling might cost you around 500 US dollars or less, however, hiring the wrong person will cost you way more!!!


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